My Grandfather's Yiddish Sayings

Here are some great Yiddish saying that both of my grandfathers used to tell me, and others ones I've collected, too! Do you know any others? E-mail me at ([email protected]) and let me know!!! What did your grandparents used to tell you???

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Some of my favorite ones!

Many songs, but few dumplings (A sakh zmires, un veynik kneydlekh.)

Three things can't be hidden: love, coughing, and poverty. (Dray zakhen ken men nit bahalten: libe, hisen un dales)

A fool remains a fool (A nar blaybt a nar)

A crowd of people, and not one real person among them (A groyse oylem, un nito eyn mentsch)

If things are not as you wish, wish them as they are.

For a little love, you pay all your life (Far a bisel libe batsolt men miten gantsen leben)

Time and words can't be recalled, even if it was only yesterday.

When you look to the heights, hold on to your hat (Az du kukst oif hoichen zachen halt tsu dos hitl)

Life is the greatest bargain - we get it for nothing.

A jest is half a truth.

One fool can ask more than ten smart men can answer. (Eyn nar ken mer fregn eyder tsen kluge kenen entfern.)

When something's burning, there's a fire. (Az es brent, is a fayer)

Too smart outsmarts itself

To make promises and to love don't cost any money (Tsuzogn un lib hoben kostn kayn gelt nisht)

A fool grows without rain (A nar vakhst on regn)

You should lose all your teeth except one, and that one should ache! (Zolst farlirn ale tseyner akhuts eynem, un der zol dir vey ton) New!

Too humble is half proud.

The greatest folly of the fool is that he thinks he is smart (Di greste narishkayt fun a nar iz az er meynt az er is klug.)

If there's a bitterness in the heart, sugar in the mouth won't make life sweeter (Az in harsn iz biter, helft nit in moyl arayn tsuker)

Friendship is stronger than kinship (Khavershaft iz shtarker vi brudershaft)


Read some more:
My Favorites | New additions
Alphabetical order | Original Yiddish

Read some more:
· My Favorites
· New additions
· Alphabetical order
· Original Yiddish

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